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Albstar Albania


AlbStar, the flagship company of the group.
Founded in 1995
Offering a wide range of services such as: * Design and implementation of civil and industrial construction and energy works. * Drinking water supply systems, water supply, and sewerage systems. * Infrastructure, urban and interurban road networks, and underground engineering networks. * Environmental protection works include wastewater treatment plants, ecological plants, and landfills.
APM Albania

APM Industrial Construction

APM sh.p.k was established in January 2012.
As an integral part of Finman Group.
APM sh.p.k has experience in the field of industrial construction, focusing its activity mainly on: * Construction of fuel, gas, and water tanks. * Construction of hydrocarbon storage plants, oil, gas, and steam pipelines. * Construction of heat exchanger plants and industrial boilers. * Construction of lines with and without oil, gas, and water transport pressure.
Fintrade Albania


Fintrade aims to supply and support the Albanian and Kosovo markets.
Founded in 2021.
The aim of the company is to supply and support Albania and Kosovo market, with innovative and high-quality products and solutions in the following industries: * Civil Works & Infrastructure. * Energy Solution. * Water and Wastewater Treatment Systems. * Machinery & Equipment.
ASAB Albania


ASAB - Albstar Asfalt Beton
Founded in 2012
Its activity is mainly related to the production of asphalt and various brands of concrete for the needs of ALB-STAR GROUP and the needs of the market. Simultaneously the production and marketing of aggregates of different types and dimensions are part of its activity.</p> <p>The plants “MBA 2000” and “MOBIL SPA 1” are guarantees of production and quality for the domestic market as they are plants with modern technology and the largest capacity of this type, installed in Albania. Moreover, thanks to their latest technology, the plants meet and conform to all European norms for environmental protection.
AlbRail Albania


Albrail’s vision is to gradually become the first rail freight and passenger carrier in Albania.
Founded in 2016
The project of reactivation of the railway transport in the area Fier-Vlora-Ballsh started as an innovative idea of the partners of the company, Alb – Star Shpk and Matrix Konstruksion Shpk concretized with the presentation of the unsolicited offer at the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, which was based on a real investment plan realized with the assistance of the Italian company Italferr. Albrail offers the following services: * Rail transport of crude oil in the national railway network. * Loading of wagons with crude oil at the loading station. * Transportation of other goods, depending on customer requirements. * In the future, the possibility of passenger transport will be evaluated.
AOS Albania


AOS - Albanian Oil Service
Founded in 2013
AOS (Albanian Oil Service) sh.a is a company, part of the leading group in international transport. AOS was established in September 2013 in the field of transport (import-export) of a range of products such as urban solid waste, urban wastewater, oil, chemical fuels, etc. Engineers, mechanics, and maneuvers are licensed and certified for the profiles they cover, applying them with rigor and professionalism, and year after year, we develop training courses for their detailed knowledge. The new and modern machines in which we have invested are of the most famous companies of the world market, such as MAN, SCANIA, MERCEDES BENZ-ACTROS, HITACHI, CATERPILLAR, JCB, etc. they are certified in the respective institutions.
IR Real Estate


IR Real Estate & Management - Dedicated to Dreams!
Founded in 2016.
IR Real Estate and Management was established in September 2016 to manage and develop the Finman Holding properties to increase their value. The company offers a wide range of services such as: * Purchase and rental of real estate. * Development of existing properties. * Market research for new investments. * Administration of common facilities.
EcoClean Albania


ECO CLEAN - Deals with managing hazardous waste, collection, transport, temporary storage
Founded in 2018
ECO CLEAN was founded in 2018 with activities in the oil, gas, water industry, and mining-related to studies, designs, research, discoveries and contours, extraction and development, services, and supervision. The company deals with managing hazardous waste, collection, transport, temporary storage, processing, treatment, disposal of hazardous waste, their import and export. Exports, imports, and production of machinery and equipment. Transportation, collection, preparation, and marketing. * Production of by-products and their wholesale trade. * Studies, designs, applications, and supervisions in the field of environment. * Negotiations, management, services, and expertise in hydrocarbon and mining contracts.

AM Rental

AM Rental - Renting heavy equipment and machinery of construction and transport.
Founded in 2019.
AM Rental was established in April 2019 for the purpose of renting heavy equipment and machinery in the field of construction and transport. The focus is to help the activities of other companies of the group and third parties.
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